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  • What is response, how it effects my driving ?

    As you may know electric cars are faster compared to conventional ones. Even the output powers are the same comparing rivals with combustion engines, the Tesla model S P100D became the fastest accelerating commercial car. The secret is with the electric engine responding on no time due to dizayn features of the electric engine. That is a very good example how response affects the performance.
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  • What exactly does Pedal Chip X do ?

    Modern vehicles use electronic throttle pedals. The manufacturer defines the relationship between the position of the pedal and the throttle opening in the engine, and often sets up a slightly delayed, lethargic response to pedal movement. This is where Pedal Chip X comes in; The Pedal Chip X is inserted between the throttle pedal sensor and the ECU. Signals coming from the throttle pedal are either amplified or attenuated, depending on the tuning stage selected. The result is that the time the engine takes to react is either shortened or lengthened. You can switch easily from relaxed, fuel-efficient reactions to sharp, eager responses like in a sports car.

  • Why manufacturers do not offer their vehicles with improved response as standard ?

    Vehicle manufacturers will standardize many of the vehicle’s features in order to appeal to a wider audience and they have to use the same hardware for different models. In Todays world no producer have the time and budget to customize their models response capabilities.

  • Can I install PedalChip myself ?

    PedalChip can be installed or taken out in a few minutes even if you have no specialist knowledge. Detailed instructions are included in the box.

  • Do PedalChip affect my Engine Lifespan ?

    No, As there are no changes in the fuel or turbo system PedalChip does not affect your engine lifespan, warranty or reliability like a chip tuning system. You can just use your potential power whenever needed and this makes much more effect without harming your engine.

  • How About fuel consumption ?

    Pedal Chip will not increase your fuel consumption because the amount of fuel injected in to the engine will not be changed; besides we have an ECO mode which will give you at least 20% savings if you are patient enough.

  • I like to make a purchase but if I am not satisfied what will happen ?

    We are so sure about our product; we offer free shipping and free refund internationally, not happy with your experience simply send a mail from our support or Ask Mark section, our team members will send you a paid label from DHL and you can have your refund in a day. You can also choose to purchase from our Amazon or Ebay stores.