Perfectly Understandable Usable and Reliable For Your Car

PedalChip X was created by Mark Cohen, a German engineer with over 20 years of racing experience including Formula 2 and World Championship races. Mark’s motto was simple; he wants to create a product that is very easy to use, not harmful to engine or drive train yet fully satisfies the driver. First produced in 2006, PedalChip is the only product that can boost but also can decrease the throttle response of a car. Vale and Race modes was officially launched at 2008, with several contracts for tuning brands. We are very proud that Mark chooses our company autoKermaiknano for marketing the latest version of Pedal Chip, the Mighty Pedal Chip X. A product of its own, Perfectly Understandable Usable and Reliable. Now all our customers get the joy of tuning without anything to worry about. Just check our reviews from different market places, you will be surprised about the experience that our customers get with such a reliable product.

100.000 Happy Clients Every Year

At autoKermaiknano, we place our focus on our individual customers and their experience with our services. This is what defines our work. What’s more, it enables us to develop, produce and market other unique products. Please check www.colorndrive.com an other pioneer product in the market, the world's first do it yourself touch up paint technology that can nearly match the quality of original auto paints.

We boost driving fun in over 135 countries

A few years ago we wouldnt have dreamed that our compnay have over half million car owners or enthusiasts as satisfied clients. At present we are adding another 100.000 customers each year. Within a very short period of time, people from all over the world were impressed with our products, formulated and produced in Germany.

Enjoy Driving Again

Pedal Chip X simply brings growth and unexpected improvement by providing a simple solution to a general problem affecting cars with electronic gas pedals all over the world with a simple device which speaks to cars in a special language. It is increasingly rare to come across car products which do not require the services of an expert to install especially since the inception of electronically powered cars. For all car owners, drivers and enthusiasts, this is an avenue to enjoy a more personalized relationship with your car by letting it and you explore the possibilities of enhanced vehicle performance which is still relatively unmatched by any other device All Pedal Chip X Products are completely legal, and do not flout the regulations of any and all car laws local and internationally. Therefore it is perfectly safe and you will not be breaking any state laws by driving with your Pedal Chip X Product in place.

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