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The more precisely I can drive, the more I enjoy myself.

Michael Schumacher

Although it is important to performance orientated driving, engine power and torque isn't everything. How you harness and deliver the performance can be equally as important. That's why we developed the PedalChip-X unit, allowing you to perfectly adjust the characteristics of your engine's output with six different performance settings.

These settings range from fuel efficient green machine to racy sports car, all at the press of a dash mounted button. This performance increase cannot be achieved by typical aftermarket chip tuning as a re-map, ECU flash or box tuning as there are no maps to play with for this kind of achievement in the ECU.

PedalChip X is completely compatible with any aftermarket parts you may already have. As this type of tuning do not increase or alter your engine’s turbo or fuel pressure it is very safe to use and does not void your vehicles warranty.

So How can PedalChip X makes such a difference; Firstly, vehicle manufacturers will standardize many of the vehicle’s features in order to appeal to a wider audience. Secondly, the ECU will adapt the engines performance to suite the driver according to their driving style. For example, if someone constantly drives at full throttle, the ECU will receive a lot more high speed signals from the throttle cluster and thus make the engines performance a lot more dynamic.

However, it’s difficult to maintain this driving behavior under normal daily driving conditions, so the ECU gradually returns the car back to the more sluggish standard feel. This is where the PedalChip X comes into play, simply plug it in, select one of the 6 modes and your vehicle is a more responsive and dynamic machine once again.

You cannot have the same effect by pressing the throttle pedal more as the speed of the human foot can never match that of the cars electronics.

PedalChip X uses the latest ARM 32 Cortex processor with 172 MHZ, EMV and CE approved and has an USB interface where you can ask for special software for certain purposes from our engineers without any charges. Just plug your laptop to PedalChip X and download the software, this service is special to our company and no other producer is offering it.



It may be necessary to remove the accelerator pedal. It is usually fastened by at least 1-3 bolts

Pedal Chip Device


  • ECO 1

    Highly comfort-oriented driving.
    Ideal for steady cruising.
  • ECO 2

    Ideal for fuel-consumption-optimised driving in Stop&Go traffic.
  • SPORT 1

    Your vehicle shakes off the mild sluggishness of its factory settings.
  • SPORT 2

    Improved dynamics due to better response times from your accelerator pedal.
  • RACE 1

    Improved dynamics due to better response times from your accelerator pedal.
  • RACE 2

    Enjoy the responsiveness of a thoroughbred sports car.

Pedal Chip X On/Off switch

  • saves the most recently selected setting

Increase responsiveness

  • sporty road behaviour
  • better throttle response
  • automatic transmission response is less sluggish

Reduce responsiveness

  • comfortable road behaviour
  • slightly reduced throttle response
  • petrol savings possible

Reduce responsiveness

  • ARM Cortex Processor
  • EMV, CE Approved
  • Osram Led
  • Dom contact 1 million pushings
  • 3m Band
  • USB for software changes

All Customer Reviews

Every Jeep should have this...
OK, got the PedalChip-X in today. About 4 days shipping... It's a German company. About 15 minutes to install. Not too bad, plug on accelerator not easy to get at. Works Amazing! Valet & Eco mode is crawling response. Original is factory. City boost a little. Sport is aggressive. Race is very quick response and Track Launches immediately. In comparison: Valet and Eco about 1/3 - 1/2 of floored factory power. Original Floored response. City about 1/2 pressed = Floored Factory. Sport 1/3 = Floored Factory. Race about 1/6 =f Floored Factory. Track as soon as you hit the pedal it launches. Very impressed for the $169 price! I really don't think I need a tune now, the lag was 90% of the problem. Every Jeep should have this... 6 settings is more than enough!

Alyssa R Aber

Amazon Customer
Toyota 4Runner 4.0 L V6 2010-2018

Great product
Product works amazingly and as expected.

Worth it
5 min install on 2017 JKU Rubi in the rain. Just follow your pedal up back behind the black plastic housing for the plug. Led the head unit up through the steering column from behind to hide the cords then zip tied below. Took for 20 minute test drive and works pretty well. Fairly noticeable difference to each mode. Easily spinning tires with manual tranny in sport modes. Seems like a great value when compared to competitors.

Great value pedal control
Based of the 1 review I bit the bullet and purchased this pedal booster, so far extremely happy. Just like the review previous to me , I have used a sprint booster with more adjustments but realistically the ones on this device work perfectly fine.
I use the 3 setting , the first red light first one is green light eco mode second light is green as well but is basically oem or slightly better than oem mode, similar to stock. 3rd light is red and this is the first setting in there sport mode just enough responsiveness for daily driving, my car picks up speed much quicker and seems to pull better in areas where rpm torque seemed lower before the booster. the lights after the 3rd just keep getting fater and faster pick up. i deemed that the 4th light is more than enough for me and feels like the car picks up very fast and shifts faster too.
I tried the other modes but they are to much for the street driving ,maybe better for track applications. so far very happy with performance, and installation was super easy took me 20 minutes only because one of the clips was giving me issues to get off. patiently pried each side and it released.

It really works!! I can feel the difference for sure!

Alles gut.

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